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gift consultant

If you are looking to set up a business in the wedding, event and party sector then we are looking for partners like you. 

We provide a complete turnkey online business system that is fully customizable to suit your local market and your own business goals.

You will receive your own customized website, access to our entire product range and a suite of marketing tools.

Oh, and best of all: training in the technology of the business as well as the art of customer acquisition and relationship management.

Wedding Favors

The wedding industry hit $72 billion in revenue in 2016. The average cost of a wedding has reached an all time high of $32,000 and the average spend for wedding favors is $560 per wedding.  Couples are looking for original and memorable gifts for their guests that reflect their own personality. They need help and that is where you come in.

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With your own website and online store for local couples to visit you will be connecting them to the gifts and customizations that their guests will treasure for ever and ever.  Even if you do not have any connection with the local wedding sector we will show you how to access local wedding fairs, bridal fairs and connect with other professionals in your region.

By taking this opportunity with Favors 2 Treasure you will become a local expert in corporate events in your region.  We provide the marketing tools and ongoing training and advice in how to capture this lucrative business segment.

Corporate Events

Gifts for professionals can be hard to choose. Many of buyers are deeply embedded in the corporate event industry and know how hard it is to find new, unique and appropriate gifts. These individuals are busy, stressed, and usually have a finer taste.  Favors 2 Treasure is helping event organizers by taking the stress out of gift finding by providing them the must-have gifts for the season! We’ve hand-selected our favorite gifts for corporate professionals so that they can be certain their  gifts will be  something they will love to have!

Family Celebrations

No matter your country or region – all families revel in celebrations to mark significant events.  For baby showers to quinceaneras and graduations to retirement we all love to put on party to share with other family members and friends.

These events will become a significant revenue stream for your event favors business.  We should you how to partner with local event venues and become the gift vendor of choice in region. 

What We Give You ...

An opportunity to succeed in the lucrative, fun and exciting sector of event marketing.


Your website will be the hub of you business.  The front end (the bit the customers see) is a replica of the main website but all the content is customizable to your needs and business goals.  The URL will be and every visitor to your site will become your customer for ever.  You will have rights to use the Favors2Treasure Logo under our partnership agreement.


We will set up your initial website front end customization:

Language choice

Currency choice

Color choice

Shipping Options

Home Page localization

About Us page photos and biography

Add your business credentials

Integrate your Social Media Profiles

Marketing Tools

We setup all your tools to generate customers in your region and to automate the communications with them:

  • SEO tools for Google Search
  • Email marketing tools 
  • Social Media tracking tools

Customer Management

You will be able to manage 100s of orders simultaneously with our customer relationship tools.  You can automate follow up communications with special offers to loyal customers and reward them for promoting your business to their friends and family.

Our Entire Product Range

Our approved partners have access to all of the products in including the customization services for tags, cards and labels.

If you would like to add products to our range please let us know and we would be delighted – pending approvals.

Order Mangement

You will be able to access and edit all orders made on your website. 

Once your customer places an order online we will arrange all customizations and shipping to your own location.  You will be responsible to ship the order to your customer after adding a personal note to the customer.  The cost of the shipping should be included in the order at the time of purchase.


Our partners earn commissions on all the sales that are placed on their websites. This is independent of the region they live or work in.  The rate of commission varies between 20% to 30% of each order.  This is exclusive of shipping costs and any tax collected.  Commissions are paid within 15 days of the delivery of the order to the customer. 


Favors 2 Treasure reserves the right to request a setup fee to cover the creation of partners’ websites and marketing tools and training.  This will vary according to the territory and goal of each potential partner and will be presented in the ‘Offer Letter’ to successful applicants.

All partners are charged a technical fee of $125 per month. Favors 2 Treasure is then able to maintain partner websites, troubleshoot any issues and ensure security.

Favors 2 Treasure offers an initial 12 month partnership agreement. The partner is committed to 12 months of service after which the agreement can be revoked by by written request by either party.

If partners wish to adopt marketing services from 3rd party services – they have to be approved by Favors 2 Treasure and any fees are payable by the partner.


Partners receive a 3 day online training course to cover all aspects of running their new business. 2 day technical training in using and updating their website and setting up and automating the provided marketing tools. The last day of training is reserved for local marketing strategies and customer acquisition.  Although the formal train ends – the ongoing advice, help and troubleshooting from our team is invaluable.  We want you to succeed and will take every opportunity to make your goals a reality.

What You Do ...

Use your skills and love of people to succeed in your region with the support of an experienced team of entrepreneurs and marketers

Our Partners

Dedication and Experience

We are welcoming of all applicants to our partnership program but only approve those that  understand the importance and impact of their role as spokesperson and brand ambassador for Favors 2 Treasure.

All partners will have had experience in the retail or service sector and exhibit a dedication to learn and implement the systems we provide. 


Our partners are all independent contractors or work within the scope of their own LLC.  They are responsible for setting up their legal business structure in accordance with their own state or country regulations. 


Partners are responsible for their own costs in maintaining their legal business presence as well as extra marketing and administrative costs.

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Creative and Innovative

We provide our approved partners all the tools to succeed. We emphasise that real success is defined by their own creativity and innovation in finding and keeping customers.  Successful partners set the right incentives to increase sales and dedicate time and effort to develop their relationships with key stakeholders in thier local event industry.


It's all good ...

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